Corfu's Romantic Hideaways

Welcome to the enchanting retreat of Cavomarina Beach Hotel, an intimate haven ideally situated on the sun-drenched beaches of Kavos on Corfu Island. Our beach hotel is meticulously designed to offer couples a perfect blend of tranquility and excitement, where the allure of romance meets the thrill of adventure on this captivating Greek island.

Nestled directly on the beach, our hotel not only provides a front-row seat to the mesmerizing beauty of the Ionian Sea but also serves as the ideal starting point for exploring the cultural and historical wonders that surround our charming retreat.


One such nearby gem is the renowned Achilleion Palace, a testament to the grandeur of Empress Elisabeth of Bavaria. With its opulent architecture, lush gardens, and panoramic views of the Ionian Sea, Achilleion Palace promises a journey through time and elegance.

Corfu Town (Kerkyra), the island's capital and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, invites you to wander through a tapestry of Venetian, French, British, and Greek influences. Lose yourself in the cobbled streets of the Old Town, explore the fortresses, and revel in the charm of Liston Promenade and Spianada Square, making every step a testament to Corfu's rich cultural heritage.

For a truly magical experience, venture to Kanoni and Mouse Island (Pontikonisi). Kanoni offers panoramic views that capture the essence of Corfu's beauty, while Mouse Island, with its Vlacherna Monastery and quaint church, provides a romantic backdrop against the azure waters. The causeway connecting the monastery to the mainland adds an extra touch of charm to this idyllic setting. Explore the church of Panagia Vlacherna and the Mouse Island in Corfu.

As we delve into the charms of Corfu, tailored for couples seeking intimacy, seclusion, and a touch of Grecian magic, our blog becomes a guide to the hidden treasures surrounding Cavomarina Beach Hotel. We curate experiences that extend beyond our cozy rooms, inviting all valuable guests to our lovely hotel to show the concept of our warm hospitality.

At Cavomarina Beach Hotel, our team is eagerly awaiting the arrival of our guests with open arms and warm smiles. We take pride in our collaborative efforts to ensure a delightful and memorable stay for each visitor. From the front desk to housekeeping, our dedicated team works seamlessly to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. Your happiness is our priority, and we are excited to go above and beyond to make your time with us special. So, get ready for a friendly reception and a fantastic experience, as we can't wait to welcome you to our beachfront oasis in Kavos, Corfu!